Make Your Small Business Look Big

Don’t let the term “small business owner” hold you back from competing with the big boys in your field. A small business can often be overlooked for big contracts and projects because they come across as a start up business. That’s a bit ridiculous since even Apple was a start up at one point and Facebook was started in a dorm. Don’t allow yourself to be excluded from bidding on bigger contracts or going after bigger projects.

Here’s a couple of facts about small business; they provide more than 50% of all jobs and more than 60% of net new jobs have come from small business since way back in the 70’s. There are more than 25 million small businesses in the US and lastly roughly 70% of all small businesses are owned by a single person. Here are some tips to help you look like a bigger business until you actually get to be a bigger business.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Have you ever taken a peek at the Twitter or Facebook accounts of some of the bigger businesses? They all have one thing in common…they post A LOT, and the ones with big followings are pretty creative in the things they post. Some of it is helpful information, some humor and a lot of pictures and video. Before this scares you off understand you don’t need a whole marketing team to handle this. There are tools like Hootesuite that will allow you to schedule posts for the next month and the smaller packages are free.

Fix Your Website

If you have a beautiful brand new website, good job! Now you can move to the next step if you don’t then please pay attention. A badly done website built on some website maker can destroy your credibility. You need to look professional for potential clients and colleagues, so invest the money and get one professionally done for you.

Start Networking

If you want people to know your name then you need to introduce yourself. Use local meetup groups, networking groups, social media and whatever tool you can find to introduce yourself to new customers. Do everything you can to get in front of customers and that includes knocking on doors.

Put in the Work

The one thing every small business owner needs to understand before they ever open their doors is that you will work longer and harder than you ever imagined. This means extra hours researching your competition and how you can be better, working because your staff is sick or putting in hours on your social media campaign.

Small business is just a label and don’t let it hold you back from trying bigger things, the rewards are worth it.

Social Media Optimization – Tips To Improve Traffic

There are a number of tips on how to improve traffic or increase view of your content. One advantage of that you get from Social media Optimization is that you get relevant link building and boost the site’s search engine ranking. It is embedding contents in places where people who share ideas about products and brands are filtered. Below are the tips or strategies to see to it that the content you are creating is optimized.

Landing Pages and Keyword list: make a list of your chosen main terms and add up the content that are of relevance to these items. See to it that you make catchy title headline and hooks the reader. Attach to it a not-so-obvious call to action tab.

Document files and PDF: Use your most vital keywords in titles and headers; use relevant keywords and descriptions on the PDF and the filename.

For AVP and Powerpoint: make sure that all video are served and a transcript of summary is attached. Use main keywords on the title tag of the page as well as the video title, meta data, filename and caption.

Images: Use the keyword in your filenames, tags, alternative tags, descriptions and captions. Use flicker for our images. Do the same in press releases and blogs

Use keywords in Twitter and Status Updates: Although this does not help your search engine rankings, your status updates can show up on Live Search and indexed pages of twitter. Try not to use ones that shorten URL’s and place direct URL’s in keywords.

Make use of site maps: know how to use the Google XML properly. The usage depends on the application. Google does not only offer integration for regular site map but also offers specialized news, search, video and geo site maps. Mobile site maps are included too.

Get more followers. This paves your way for visitors. The more twitter followers you have, the quicker search engines pick up you’re your page.

Make your content worthy of sharing and Retweeting. It must be engaging enough so the reader may find the desire of sharing it to his or her friends. Your content has a high chance of being viral if people want to spread it out and show it to their contacts because it can help them improve in areas like reputation, relationship and income. Viral contents are naturally exponential and as compared to word of mouth, it fades out quickly.

Present your website to Social Influencers. Utilize influencers of the key bloggers like Techcrunch or Mashable and make your massages even louder. Make sure that you send out are customized, precise and relevant to their main audience of the highly visited sites, and most importantly, make it a convincing product or story so that it makes them want to cover it. Stories that are not yet extensively covered by other news sources can help by giving them a feeling of exclusivity to the story.